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AIrea 25 | Artificial Intelligence Roundtable on Emerging Area's

15.4.2024 00:00

SAMK campus Pori

We're excited to extend an invitation to our 2nd AI Roundtable, set to take place in Pori this April 2024. This gathering is designed as a platform to explore collaborative opportunities in student and lecturer exchanges, joint projects, research initiatives, and advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence.

The first day of the event, Tuesday, is dedicated to fostering collaboration. We welcome not only lecturers and program managers specializing in AI but also encourage deans and staff from international offices to engage in discussions about potential partnerships.

On Wednesday, we delve deeper into AI's applications, showcasing practical uses of large language models, presented by Jussi Bergman, and introducing our AI lab's innovations, including accessible GPU solutions for students, led by Toni Aaltonen.

Additionally, on Monday, the day before the official start, we're organizing a pre-gathering session focused on AI's role in education. This will be an opportunity to participate in discussions aimed at producing podcast episodes, each lasting 20-25 minutes, to be shared across various platforms. These sessions, featuring two to three experts from different universities and moderated by a native English speaker, are open to a select group of attendees who wish to contribute their insights and advice on the topic.

See the detailed programme.

We're open to covering a broad range of subjects, so if there's a particular topic you believe should be addressed, we welcome your suggestions.

Please note that we will provide complimentary coffee, tea, lunches (Monday through Wednesday), and dinners (Monday and Tuesday).

To participate in the main event on Tuesday and Wednesday, please submit your application by March 31st.

For those interested in the additional Monday session, please provide your name, area of expertise, and any topics you'd suggest for discussion. Note: Participants in the recording sessions should be proficient in English to ensure effective communication (and apply before March 24th).

We look forward to your contributions and an enriching exchange of ideas and experiences at our AI Roundtable in Pori.

Further information: Head of Teaching Intelligent Industry, Marcel van Geffen, marcel.van.geffen@samk.fi

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15.4.2024 00:00


17.4.2024 00:00

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Event location

SAMK campus Pori

Satakunnankatu 23
28130 Pori

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